Do you need Help with an Event?

Hire our professional bartenders and helpers.

Bartenders for Hire

We have an 4 Hour Minimum.

Our bartenders are available to setup your event bar according to your wishes, serve your guests in a professional manner, clean up and breakdown the bar at the conclusion of your event. 

Contact us if you have any questions on specialty drinks or bar inventory at

(347) 622-6271 or email:



1. Set up

- Set up bar station with all necessary materials and ice

- Arrange glassware in an aesthetic fashion
- Prepare garnishes (cut lemons, prepare mix drinks, etc.)

2. Service

- Mix and pour drinks
- Blend cold drinks
- Squeeze fresh juices

3. Breakdown

- Pack all supplies into original boxes
- Thoroughly clean the bar area
- Stock rental bar equipment

Bar Rentals


Portable Bar

Ice Cooler


  • - Portable bar or table with linen

  • - Ice bucket

  • - Ice scoop

  • - Cutting board

  • - Bar spoon

  • - Sharp knife

  • - Strainer

  • - Bar towels

  • - Blender

  • - Juice squeezer

Request price quote and delivery charge. 

All Rates are Double for Major Holidays Events.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that clients give as much notice as possible for cancellations.

If the Agency has not received notice of a cancellation, and the bartender arrives at the event, the client must reimburse travel expenses for the bartender (s).


Bar Supply List for 100 Guests

These lists are to be used as a guideline.
If you are familiar with your guests preferences, you may need to add or delete items from this list.

*Be sure there is a waterproof trash can near the bar.  A cardboard box lined with two plastic bags works well for this purpose.


 Hard Liquor List (1 liter size) for 100 Guests

2 vodka Optional Hard Liquor

2 gin1 Cognác

2 scotch1 brandy

1 bourbon whiskey1 Kahlua

1 rye whiskey1 Baileys

1 tequila1 Amaretto

1 light rum1 Grand Marnier

1 triple sec1 apple Liqueur


 Wine & Beer List for 100 Guests

Wine & Beer
4-6 bottles white wine
1 bottle rose 
4-6 bottles red wine
1 case regular beer
1 case lite beer


 Soda & Mixer List for 100 Guests

Sodas* Mixers

1 case Coca Cola or Pepsi1 small bottle grenadine

1 case Diet Coca Cola or Pepsi1 bottle Sweet & Sour mix(more if you plan on serving margaritas)

1 case 7up or Sprite1 bottle triple sec

One-half case Diet 7up or Sprite1 bottle bloody mary mix

8 1-liter bottles tonic  1 small bottle dry vermouth

6 1-liter bottles club soda1 small bottle sweet (red) vermouth

3 2-liter bottles ginger ale2 quarts orange juice

1 case sparkling mineral water1 quart grapefruit juice

 2 quarts cranberry juice

 4 pitchers of water

 1 small bottle Rose's Lime

*Note: 10 ounce bottles or 12 ounce cans are preferable. 
Plastic one or two liter containers go flat very quickly after being opened.


 Garnishes & Ice List for 100 Guests

  Bartending Staffing

1 Bartender per 75 guests for a beer/wine bar
1 Bartender per 50 guests for a full bar 

Garnishes & Ice List for 100 Guest

  • 12 lemons

  • 1 jar maraschino cherries

  • 1 jar olives

  • 1 jar onions

  • 300 cocktail napkins

  • 300 ten ounce tumblers

  • 100 stir sticks or straws


For 100 guests, you will need approximately 150 pounds. You will need more if you plan to chill your beer and wine on ice or if you will be serving blended drinks such as daiquiris or margaritas. During warm months, increase ice by 25%.

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