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Salad Menu

Wait Staff 

Charged by the hour with a 4 hour minimum. Includes load, drive, set‐up and take down



Charged by the hour with a 4 hour minimum. Includes load, drive, set‐up and take down


Party Rentals

Tables, Chairs, Linens, China, Glassware and Flatware.

Delivery charges apply VIP Place Seƫngs Clear acrylic plates, cups, glasses and silver colored disposable place seƫngs

SMALL SERVES 8-12  /  LARGE 15-20

             Name                                      Description                                                                                                                 


  1. Black Bean Salad                         Scallions, Roasted Peppers, Red Onions & Garlic

  2. Baby Mozzarella                          Marinated w/ Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, fresh Basil                                                                                                                                              & Sundried Tomatoes

  3. Chick-Pea Salad                           w/ silvered row Artichoke & Lemon dressing

  4. Calamari Salad                             w/ silvered row Artichoke & Lemon dressing

  5. Chicken Caesar Salad               Grilled Chicken, Croutons, Red Onions, Tomatoes & Romaine Lettuce

  6. Celery Salad                                  Celery w/ Fresh Parsley & Garlic Oil

  7. Chef Salad                                      Combination of Baby Mesclun Greens & Fresh Fruit in a                                                                                                                           Citrus Dressing

  8. Chicken Apple Salad                 Chicken w/ Apple, Honey Mustard Sauce & Raisin              

  9. Chicken Salad                               Chicken w/ Celery & Mayonnaise

  10. Corn Salad                                      Corn w/ Pepper, Red Onions, Cilantro, Lemon Juice, Scallions & Garlic Oil

  11. Crab Meat Salad                          Crab Meat w/ Celery, Red Onion & Mayonnaise

  12. Cucumber & Mango Salad      Cucumber & Mango w/ Citrus Vinaigrette

  13. Egg Salad                                         Boiled Egg chopped w/ Mayonnaise

  14. Fruit Salad                                      Assorted Berries, Melon, Kiwi, Grapes, Oranges & Grapefruit

  15. Garbanzo Salad                            Garbanzo  w/ Pepper, Scallions, Red Onion, Lemon Juice & Garlic Oil

  16. Kale Almond Salad                     Kale, Sliced Almonds, Lemon and Oil

  17. Grilled Vegetables                       Artichoke, Asparagus, Red Beets, Broccoli, Carrot, Celery, Cauliflower, Eggplant,                                                                                              Endive, Fennel, Onions, Pepper, Portabello, Squash, Sweet Potatoe & Zucchini

  18. Israeli Couscous Salad              Asparagus & Cucumber or Grilled Vegetables

  19.  Japanese Tofu Salad                 Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Sesame Oil, Scallions & Olive Oil

  20.  Lemon & Basil Chicken           Chicken Seasoned w/ Lemon Juice, Salt, Black Pepper, Fresh Basil & Sliced Lemon

  21. Lentil Salad                                    Lentil w/ Carrots, Parsley, Vinegar, Garlic Oil & Lemon Juice

  22.  Macaroni Salad                           Macaroni w/ Olives, Pepper, Scallions, Basil & Olive Oil

  23.  Marinated Tofu Salad              Tofu w/ Soy Sauce & Sesame Oil

  24.  Pico De Gallo Salad                   Chopped Tomatoes, Cilantro, Onions, Lemon Juice & Jalopena

  25. Quinoa Salad                                 Quinoa, Carrots, Celery, Cranberries in Olive Oil

  26.  Potato Salad                               Potato & Mayonnaise or Sour Cream

  27.  Sautéed Broccoli Salad            Sauteed Broccoli Rabbit w/ Garlic & Olive Oil

  28. Sautéed String Beans                Sauteed String Beans w/ Garlic & Olive Oil

  29. Seafood Salad                             Seafood w/ Peppers, Tomato, Red Onions, Cilantro, Scallions, Lemon Juice & Garlic Oil
  30. Shrimp Salad                                Shrimp combined w/ Celery, Red onions, and Carrots & Mayonnaise   

  31. Tortellini Pasta Salad               Tortellini w/ Carrots, Basil & Olive Oil   

  32. Tricolor Pasta Salad                  Tricolor Pasta w/ Grilled Vegetables

  33. Tuna Salad                                     Tuna w/ Carrots, Basil & Olive Oil

  34. Wheat Salad                                  Wheat w/ Carrots, Celery & Mayonnaise

  35. Vegetable Rice Salad                  

  36. Zucchini Salad                              Zucchini Salad w/ Vinegar & Garlic Oil

  37. Greek Salad

  38. Tossed Salad

  39. Cole Slaw

  40. No Mayo Cole Slaw

  41. Artichoke Salad                            Artichoke, Olive Oil

  42. Bowtie w/ Sundried Tomatoes & Basil

  43. Celery, Mango & Fennel Salad

  44. Cesar Salad                                   Romaine Lettuce, Grated Cheese, Croutons & Caesar Dressing

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