Reliable event staffing partnership

  • Do you have a need for regular staff?

  • Do you find it a challenge to hire and retain staff year-round?

  • Are your payroll costs increasing due to Payroll Taxes, Workmen’s Compensation, Unemployment, Recruiting costs, etc.?


Studio Event Staffing, Inc has customized Catering and Corporate Partnership Programs that allow you to grow your business without the need for hiring seasonal or event staff.


We can provide the supplemental staff you need in order to make your events a success.  We understand the challenge of hiring, retaining, and booking quality staff for events.  We want to take that challenge off your plate, so you can focus on increasing your event bookings.


Our Catering and Corporate Partnership Programs allow you to overbook your event schedule without the worry of

the extra staff needed.


We offer partnerships for companies that may just need a few extra people a month to those that need our services

on a daily or weekly basis.


We have created a pricing program that allows you to decrease your hourly rates based upon the manhours you use. 

So the more you use us, the less you pay per hour.


For more information on becoming a Corporate Partner, please

call 347-622-6271 or fill out the form.





Since 2017, Studio Event Staffing, Inc has successfully staffed fundraisers, corporate breakfasts, luncheons, 

barbecues, and private functions.


Our events range from small private events to large corporate and catered event.


Whether you need staff once a year or on a daily basis, Studio Event Staffing, Inc is ready to help.


When you are looking to hire event staff for your private party or special event, let Studio Event Staffing, Inc take the worry out of it.


Temporary: Add staff when you need it with flexibility to meet your market demands.

Temporary to hire: Ensure that employees are a good fit for your organization before making final hiring decisions.

Direct hire: Rely on our national network of specialized recruiters to source candidates for all levels of professional roles within your organization.

On-site management: Our on-site solution provides you with the resources, talent, and expertise to ensure optimal performance of your large-scale temporary workforce throughout your company.

Payroll services: You can retain proven talent while eliminating the administrative burden associated with payroll deductions, insurance, workers' compensation, and more.

Connect with us today to get started.