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Buffet Trays Menu

Catering Food Delivery Service

We provide delivery service to private and corporate events.  Just provide us with the delivery address and zip code and we'll take care of the rest.


Drop Off  
Food and beverages will be delivered in disposable serving pieces with FREE disposable serving utensils


Corporate Service

Available upon request - Rentals (China, Glassware, Flatware, Linen, etc) & Event Staff


Serving Pieces

We include serving tongs, spoons, and scoops with your catering order. If you’ve requested just corporate or office drop-off service, these pieces will be disposable. If you opted for our VIP Catering Service with chafers (food warmers) and real platters then you’ll receive serving pieces that will need to be returned when we come back and pick up after your meal.


Wait Staff 

Charged by the hour with a 4-hour minimum. Includes load, drive, set‐up, and take down



Charged by the hour with a 4-hour minimum. Includes load, drive, set‐up and take down


Delivery charges apply.

SMALL SERVES 10-12  /  LRG 25-30



  1. Beef Moussaka - Layer of Eggplant w/ seasoned Ground Beef in Marinara Sauce & Topped w/ Cream Sauce

  2. Beef Wellington - Beef Stew w/ Carrots, Potatoes & Mediterranean seasoning

  3. Meatballs in Red Sauce - Homemade Meatballs made w/ Fresh Ground Beef & topped w/ Parmesan Cheese & Fresh Parsley

  4. Roast Beef - Sliced Roasted Beef w/ Mushroom Gravy

  5. Salisbury Steak w/ Onion & Mushroom 

  6. Veal Caprese - Veal Scaloppini sauteed in Olive Oil & White Wine & Topped w/ Fresh Mozzarella & Tomatoes

  7. Veal Marsala - Veal Scaloppini sauteed in Marsala Wine Sauce w/ Mushroom

  8. Veal Francese - Tender Veal in a delicious Butter & Lemon Sauce

  9. Veal & Peppers - Tender Veal in Marinara Sauce

  10. Veal Cutlet Parmigiana - Tender Veal Cutlet in Marinara Sauce w/ Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

  11. Veal Cacciatore - Strips of Veal sauteed in White Wine, Mushroom, Peppers & Onions

  12. Steak & Peppers - Tender strips of Beef, Peppers, Onions & Mushrooms.

  13. Swedish Meatballs

  14. Beef Fajitas w/ Spicy Green Sauce - Tender strips of Beef in Tomatillo Sauce w/ Mushroom

  15. Brisket of Beef - Corned Beef w/ Cabbage, Carrots & Potatoes

  16. Oxtail




  1. Curried Chicken - Fresh Chicken Breast sauteed in Curry Sauce

  2. Chicken Parmigiana - Breaded Chicken Cutlets sauteed in Olive Oil & Topped w/ Mozzarella in Marinara Sauce

  3. Chicken Marsala -Marinated Chicken Breast sauteed in Marsala Wine

  4. Lemon Chicken - Fresh Chicken Breast marinated in Olive Oil, Lemon Juice & Fresh Herbs

  5. Chicken Portobello - Chicken Cutlet, Grilled Portabello, Asiago Cheese in Lemon Sauce w/ Herbs

  6. Chicken Rollatini - Tender Chicken Breast stuffed w/ Vegetables

  7. Chicken Sorrentino - Tender Chicken Breast sauteed in White Wine & Topped w/ Eggplant & Prosciutto

  8. Coconut Chicken - Chicken Thighs, Deep Fried w/ Grated Coconut Shavings

  9. Honey Mustard Chicken - Deep Fried Chicken Strips marinated in Honey Mustard Sauce

  10. Sesame Chicken - Breaded Chicken Fingers topped w/ Sesame Sauce

  11. Jerk Chicken - Chicken Breast perfectly seasoned w/ Garlic, Gravy Mustard, Scallions, Olive Oil and Thyme & Cumin

  12. Roasted Chicken - Marinated in Garlic, Olive Oil & Thyme

  13. Turkey Meatloaf  -Grounded Turkey meat stuffed w/ Vegetables & Herbs

  14. Chicken Cacciatore - Roasted Chicken Thighs w/ Onions, Peppers  Marinara Sauce

  15. Chicken & Broccoli - Chicken thighs, sauteed in Onions, Peppers & Marinara Sauce

  16. Chicken Teriyaki - Chicken Breast or thigh grilled in a Teriyaki Sauce

  17. Grilled Chicken  Breast w/ Honey Ginger Sauce

  18. Chicken Breast in Chimmicure Sauce - Chicken Breast in Chimmicure sauce and sauteed w/ Onions

  19. Chicken Breast in Garlic Mayo

  20. Sweet Plantains / Fried Plantains




  1. Macaroni & Cheese - Pasta w/ three kinds of cheeses and cream

  2. Seafood Lasagna -Assorted Seafood w/ Ricotta Cheese & Fresh Mozzarella Cheese in Red Sauce

  3. Veggie Lasagna - Assorted Vegetables w/ Ricotta & Fresh Mozzarella Cheese in Red Sauce

  4. Meat Lasagna -Ground Beef, Lasagna Noodles, Marinara Sauce, Ricotta Cheese, Parmigiana Cheese & select herbs.

  5. Cheese Lasagna - Made w/ Ricotta & Mozzarella

  6. Penne Vodka - Penne Pasta w/ Vodka Sauce, Heavy Cream, Proscuitto & Bacon

  7. Creamy Tortellini - Al Dente Cheese Tortellini, cooked in a creamy Marinara Sauce & topped w/ Romano Cheese

  8. Cheese Ravioli - Cheese Ravioli in Marinara Sauce

  9. Meat Ravioli - Meat Ravioli in Marinara Sauce

  10. Stuffed Pasta Shells - Stuffed Shells

  11. Pasta Primavera - Made w/ fresh Vegetables in Pesto Sauce

  12. Baked Ziti - Ziti Pasta made w/ fresh Mozzarella & Ricotto Cheese

  13. Brown Rice

  14. Spanish Safron Rice - Yellow Rice w/ Green Peas

  15. Grilled Veggie Rice




  1. Pork Ribs - Pork Ribs in BBQ or Plain

  2. Roasted Pork - Pork roasted in a Brown Gravy Sauce

  3. Sausage & Peppers - Pork Sausage w/ Peppers in a White Sauce

  4. Sausage Parmigiana - Sausage w/ fresh Mozzarella cheese in Marinara Sauce




  1. Sauteed Fish Fillet w/ Tomato & Herbs 

  2. Seafood Marinara - Assorted Seafood in Marinara Sauce

  3. Sea Bass Baked or Fried  - Baked or Fried in Herbs & Spices

  4. Calamari Fra Diavolo

  5. Grilled Salmon w/ Lime & Fresh Herbs




  1. Broccoli w/ Garlic & Olive Oil - Sauteed w/ Olive Oil & Fresh Garlic

  2. Eggplant Rollatini - Breaded Eggplant w/ Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese in Marinara Sauce

  3. Eggplant Parmigiana - Breaded Eggplant w/ Romano & Mozzarella Cheese in Marinara Sauce

  4. Mixed Veggies w/ Marinara Sauce

  5. Scallop Potatoes - Russet Potatoes, Milk, Heavy Cream Parmesan Cheese, Buttler, Fresh Thyme & Select Herbs

  6. Stuffed Cabbage -Stuffed w/ Vegetables sauteed in Garlic Oil & Fresh Herbs

  7. Sauteed Vegetables - Cooked w/ Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers & Red Onions sauteed in Garlic Oil & Fresh Herbs

  8. String Beans - Cooked w/ Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Peppers & Red Onions sauteed in Garlic Oil & Fresh Herbs

  9. Stuffed Peppers - Stuffed w/ Vegetables, Chopped Meat & Rice in Marinara Sauce

  10. Stuffed Tomatoes w/ Chevre

  11. Vegetables Stir Fried

  12. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

  13. Mashed Sweet Potatoes w/ Cranberries


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